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5 cm (2012)

5 cm    

N/A 125 min AdventureDramaFilm IndonesiaRomance

IMDB: 7.3/10 782 votes

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Genta, Arial, Zafran, Riani, dan Ian merasa “jenuh” dengan persahabatan mereka dan memutuskan untuk berpisah, tidak saling berkomunikasi satu sama lain selama tiga bulan lamanya. Selama tiga bulan mereka bertemu kembali dan merayakan pertemuan mereka dengan sebuah perjalanan penuh impian dan tantangan. Sebuah perjalanan hati demi  mengibarkan sang saka merah putih di puncak tertinggi Jawa pada tanggal 17 Agustus.


Dari novel berjudul sama.

Film ini memecahkan rekor. Mulai tayang di 78 layar, dan empat hari kemudian tayang di 194 layar, jumlah yang biasanya dipakai oleh film blockbuster Hollywood. Bahkan ada bioskop yang merelakan tiga layarnya khusus untuk film ini (antara lain: Gading – Jakarta, Mega Bekasi – Bekasi, dan Ciwalk – Bandung), dan sekitar 40 bioskop menggunakan dua layar. Dalam lima hari pertama tayang meraih 521.473 penonton.

As is known , Mahameru is the top of Mount Semeru , the highest volcano in Java which bearada between Malang and Lumajang regency , East Java . With a height of 3,676 m asl ( above sea level ) , earning it the nickname Sky Mahameru Java. The volcano is still active and a favorite hiking location for nature lovers . But what if there is a production house make films in that location ? certainly extraordinarily mandatory ejected word of mouth we saw the difficulty of the terrain they will go. Soraya Intercine Films movie through 5 Cm finally signed up as the first big screen filming in Mahameru . 5 Cm movie tells the story of five friends who have formed during the teenage years pertemenan named Genta ( Fedi Nuril ) , Arial ( Denny Sumargo ) , Zafran ( Herjunot Ali ) , Riani ( Raline Shah ) and Ian ( Igor Saykoji ) . One day the five of them feel ‘ bored ‘ with the fabric of their friendship and finally decided to part for a while. All five are not communicating with each other for three months. For three months , they were started and focus to achieve the vision and mission of each though longing always decorate life Genta , Arial , Zafran , Riani and Ian . After three months passed , they meet again and celebrate berlimapun meeting with a journey full of dreams and challenges . No half-hearted , Genta bring friends to the highest peak Mahameru Java ie , the peak of Mount Semeru . For Genta , the journey will be very memorable and lifetime can not be forgotten by his close friends . Surely the climb is not easy due to lack of experience and the rough terrain that must be faced . 5 Cm is the movie adaptation of bestselling novel Dhirgantoro Donny , who until December 2012 mold has entered into 25 . 5 Cm tale inspired by a true story in which every August 17 in most of the mountain peaks in Indonesia is often held ceremonies to commemorate the independence flag . In accordance with his novel , the filming process was also carried out in the same location that is Mahameru . The story in this film is complete , ranging from romantic drama to comedy available in 5 cm . Just like a food menu , the audience is guaranteed never for one moment felt bored with tasting every scene and visuals displayed on a movie screen . Zafran character is very entertaining and Ian , where they always provide fresh jokes can the audience laugh . Film director Rizal Mantovani as 5 cm should be given due appreciation managed to steer his players with a maximum of simultaneously recording all the beauty that is in Mount Semeru . In addition entertained by the story , the audience will also be fascinated by the beauty of Mount Semeru . 5 Cm films is believed to make the audience love Indonesia . Overall, 5 Cm movie is worth watching because it has many positive messages contained therein, namely the determination to reach the dream . Keep in mind , the players in this film is Fedi Nuril , Denny Sumargo , Herjunot Ali , Raline Shah and Igor Saykoji , actually hike up to the peak Semeru for this movie and still be able to demonstrate the quality of their best acting . Movie soundtrack in 5 cm were also assessed each scene very nicely decorate . Music contained in the film 5 cm filled by one of the top Indonesian band Nidji ie , where they contributed 4 songs to the big screen titled ‘ Above Clouds ‘ , ‘ secret heart ‘ , ‘There Will Never Die ‘ and ‘ Intro ‘ . As to whether the results of the first movie filming in Mahameru ? answer can only be known by watching movies 5 Cm is scheduled to appear at Cinema 21 starting December 12, 2012

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